The Multiverse

Ship Ambush

The party plans their next move in the siege of Mehodellon

The party, reunited after Talyn’s encounter with Mr. Black, plan their attack on Mehodellon to take it back from the undead menace. Their fleet remains in the air over the city, prepared to bombard key targets.

The air crackled with power as the ship suddenly bowed, dipping down towards the snowy earth below. The front of the airship cracked and snapped as a thick coating of ice suddenly coalesced out of the air. Talyn, sensing the magical attack, desperately leaped behind the central mast. The others were knocked off their feet by the magic before their limbs grew incredibly cold, freezing solid under layer after layer of ice. Encased in the ice, they could do nothing but watch around them.

Talyn raises to his feet, his hands dripping with magical fire. Mr.Black, his skeletal wings spread wide, landed heavily on the front of the ship, surrounded by sparkling shards of swirling ice. Talyn gathered his magic into his hands, his body aglow with magical flame. He calls up two orbs of searing fire in each hand, combining them into a great fireball and flinging it at his allies. The ball of flame detonates with a searing blast of heat and light, the ship charring and ice immediately vaporizing into steam.

His allies, bathed in the great heat, find the ice over their bodies to melt in great rivulets of water, flooding the deck. With weapons and arms free, they turn as one to face their great nemesis, Mr. Black.

With a battle cry, the group attacks him, charging across the charred ship to strike the undead arcanid wizard. Their attacks bite deep, overwhelming him with claw and blade. The final blow cut his body i half, unleashing a torrent of cold and negative energy on the nearby adventurers. They withstood the blast with gritted teeth and freezing armour. In triumph, they stand on the airship, looking out over the ruined city.

A great choking sound emerges from the throats of four of the party, air sucked out of their lungs. Tolsimir, Aaliyah, Brandt, and Swimming Bird found their bodies to be deprived of all air.
Those remaining managed to resist its effects, pointing at the floating figure of Mr. Black beside the ship. He laughs, his upraised hands casting the mass suffocation spell. Talyn, his eyes wide in panic as he identifies the spell, rushes to his nearby friend Tolsimir. With desperate movements, he successfully dispels the spell, forcing it from the summoner’s body. Tolsimir draws a thankful breath, raising to his feet to use his newfound breath to hasten his allies.

With Talyn rushing to dispel the suffocation spell on his allies, those who resisted the spell’s effects raised their blades to attack the flying Arcanid. Using magic or might, they leapt into the air to engage him. Crush’s draconic wings extended as he attacked his foe with a wicked scythe. Brandt’s magic propelled him to spear Mr. Black with the point of his sword.

Yorin, his stout dwarven body resisting the suffocation, turned a large ship cannon towards the melee. Timing it precisely, he set a match to the wick for the loaded cannon. The cannon firing, blasting its lethal steel shot at Mr. Black. The shot fired true, impacting the arcanid in the chest and blasting a hole through his undead, desiccated carapace. His eyes widened in shock, dust twisting out of the gaping chest wound. His wings folded before he started to plummet down to the snowy ground below, wings trailing behind him. Crush, triumphant in Mr. Black’s defeat, dove down to finish the Arcanid, using his scythe to ensure his death.

Talyn finished rescuing his partners, dispelling the choking spell on Swimming Bird before he leapt off of the ship to catch Brandt before he would fall to the ground. Upon returning him to the relative safety of the airship, Talyn stepped off the ship once again, to ensure the Mr. Black was dead and recover any useful equipment.

The body of Mr. Black lay shattered in the snow, centuries of undead re-life having rendered his body dry and brittle. On his body was Leon’s great magical glaive, associated magical items, and a note. With a single glance back at his former enemy, Talyn returned to the ship.

The note, addressed to the heroes, named them as defenders of this reality after having slain Mr. Black. His search for worthy defenders was over, and he could finally rest.



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