The Multiverse

Siege Preparations

The party finds themselves in possession of a powerful Oracle as they prepare to take back Mehodellon

With the bone dragon destroyed and the Oracle firmly in their possession, the party formulated their next move. The city of Mehodellon was held by the undead armies, but their air support was greatly diminished with the destruction of the bone dragon. With superior airpower, the armies of the living prepared to attack and take back their home.

The fleets flew through the blizzard ahead of the army, scouting and preparing to bring down the gates of the city. En route, the undead black dragons attacked, sweeping men from the decks and shattering the wooden ships. With great speed, the party used their powers of flight to crush the dragon attackers, surprising them with overwhelming force. With enchanted weapons shining with the light of the sun, the shadowy black dragons were repelled, their defenses vanishing in the blinding light. One dragon was speared to the deck of one ship by Talyn’s blade, thrashing in its death throes as attention was diverted to the other dragons. Realizing their weakness before the light of the sun, the dragons retreated, allowing the fleet to continue its attack.

With scouts in place, the cannonades from the airships began. Gates were shattered and the undead hordes were thinned by the cannonballs raining from above. Talyn, his body cloaked in magical invisibility, scouted throughout the city to call down for precise attacks. Though he could not be seen, blasts of energy began to explode nearby, knocking him from the air. An old, battered Arcanid was the source of these attacks, peering into a crystal ball from the ground. His robes identified him as Mr. Black, their nemesis in the fight against the undead.

In fear and confusion, Talyn retreated from the magical barrage, returning to the ships with the knowledge that the Mr. Black was still more than capable of fighting back. After hearing the story, Brandy realized that the communication spell in Talyn’s sword, Aurora, may be an anchor for Scrying. This would allow Mr. Black to track their movements at any time. Talyn, with the help of the sword itself, dispelled this enchantment.

Now the party prepares to attack the city with their full might, searching for an end to the war which plagues the shattered world of Tennaris.



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