Aaliyah Blau Engel

A young woman with Long Violet hair and eyes, she wears white and blue over a suit of mail and bears a Deadly great sword of immense power. Her eyes are dead set Determined.


She is a Young woman 21 years of age, she is 157cm tall and weighs roughly 47kg. She has deep violet eyes and very long irregular violet coloured hair. She wears custom fit plate and mail under a clean white tabbard and wears a long blue half cape. at her side is sheathed horizontally the great sword moonlight. it’s as long as she is tall and she swings the sword in massive sweeping strokes. She wears an amulet made by a close friend that can imbue her body with the powers of magical flight and creates an illusionary pair of shimmering white angels wings behind her. She seldom speaks to strangers and is slow to trust newcomers but is fiercely loyal and protective of friends she come to trust. She enjoys fiddling with things basic crafting and sewing as well as reading old literature.


To sup of the cup of the lady of the lake is to be granted immortality and superhuman strength. This gift is given only to the most accomplished and selfless heroes of the land of Brettonia. A knight must set down his home and his titles and venture forth to seek heroic trials in which to prove himself worthy of the ladies notice. The knight will be given visions and lead from one trial to another until proven beyond certainty of a doubt. Those who drink from the gilded grail in the presence of the Lady are known as Grail knights and are the nations greatest heroes.

Berlioz of the Moonlight Blade was one such man to attain the title. After facing the green-kin and the undying. the Ogres and giants of the mountains and famously even a great winged wyrm. Through these challenges Berlioz proved himself worthy of the ladies affection. But that is not where his story ends.

To sup of the cup is to know immortal life as a protector of the ladies most sacred places and to protect them from any who would see them ruined or defiled. Berlioz after his long quest returned to a place he had visited many years ago and settled there to protect it evermore. A shrine hidden away on the edges of the legendary Athel Loren the most sacred forest of the lady. In this place he fell in love with a priestess and prophetess of the lady and together they would protect this hidden shrine for many decades.

Aaliyah was born a mystery, a babe with natural violet eyes and hair. Small for her age and slow to develop, yet stronger than a girl her age had any right to be. She was touched by the fey kin and gifted by her parents super human genes. Great things where expected of Aaliyah and she was to be trained to become one of the powerful prophetess’ of the lady as her mother before her.

A spirited and healthy child Aaliyah spent her childhood living happily with her demi-human parents and surrounded by shrine maidens and simple servants who helped to maintain the shrine. She was taught as appropriate for a highborn girl of relatively low wealth and learned to read and wright and simple court manners and the ways of the kingdom. She learned to respect the visiting knights and lords and to be always wary of strangers and outsiders who where not welcome.

As a young girl she loved to read and to learn of the outside world, she loved to swim in the streams that ran through their forest home, but most of all she loved to fight. Having grown up listening to her fathers legendary exploits she took keen interest in swordplay from a young age.

When she reached an appropriate age Aaliyah was to be schooled in the ways of the ladies magic. To channel light and life and heal and strengthen herself and those around her. However it became readily apparent that despite her origins the girl had no gift of magic, she could not hear the ladies voice and was granted no visions. She could never become a prophetess of the lady.

This left her future uncertain, without the ability to harness magic of any kind she had few paths left open to her. She could become a simple shrine maiden and stay home to maintain the shrine, or become a noble lady at court. Neither option excited her in the slightest, Bold and brash as always she wanted to travel and see the world she read about in the old books. Her most cherished dream was to be come a brave knight of the realm and venture forth to do great heroic deeds. Just like her father.

In the kingdom it was completely unheard of for a woman to take up arms let alone become a knight. She would never find support or recognition among her peers. She could no more be a knight than she could a prophetess. Berlioz told his daughter as much when she finally asked him one day after much deliberation if she could ever be like him.
Berlioz loved his precious daughter more than anything else in the world, he had attained the highest honour a knight could have and settled in a beautiful home where he had lived happily for many years.
She was the result of all of his hard work and now he watched her threaten to wither away.

After much deliberation he watched the sadness in his daughters eyes and told her

“You can never be a knight as I. They will never call you sir. They may never grant you titles or land. But you will be a hero just the same.”

He resolved to teach her to fight as he had with sword and mail, The virtues of a knight, Of chivalry and honour and nobility. The old knight had lived to see his every dream fulfilled and he would not deny the same to his daughter.

To Aaliyah those days where the best of her life, she trained every morning with her father She learned to move and fight in heavy mail and to dance with every kind of blade. She was a natural in every way. Berlioz was the finest swordsman in the land and made for a superb teacher. She took firmly to the beliefs of chivalry and honour and Berlioz had never known so much pride as when he watched his daughter grow into beautiful young woman, and a powerful warrior.

On her sixteenth birthday Aaliyah was ready to face the world. She left her home bearing Moonlight, her fathers questing sword. A deadly great sword as long as she was tall it was a masterfully crafted weapon. Delicately balanced and magically sharpened. On command of it’s name the blade glows brightly as the moon. This was the weapon that Berlioz used to forge his legends and now Aaliyah would use it to forge hers. And so she set out to begin her quest for recognition, to make her father proud. To prove to all that even a little girl could be a hero worthy of her Ladies Gilded Grail.

Aaliyah Blau Engel

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