Tolsimir Wolfblood


Tolsimir Wolfblood was born into a poor family living in The Empire. His mother, having married an elf, was shunned from her peers and forced to live in the slums, where thievery was the norm and bandits prowled the night. Tolsimir had no friends, and he would often sneak into the woods behind his house in order to get away from the constant teasing and judgement for being a “filthy half-breed”. This was the only place he could be free of the painful reality in which he resided, and let his imagination run free.

At the age of 10, he was returning from one of these visits, having bravely fought off a fearsome dragon to save his mother, only to find his house in shambles. Every possession that could conceivably be valuable was missing, and what few pieces of furniture they owned were torn to bits and overturned. The horror scene was made complete when he found his two parents lying awkwardly on the floor in their bedroom amid a pool of blood, with a knife protruding from each of their dead bodies. Terrified, Tolsimir ran from the ruins of his home, tears streaming down his cheeks as he blindly made his way back to the forest. What was once his only place of sanctuary would become a permanent home of solitude.

As years passed, Tolsimir became adept at fending for himself, and soon began to realize that he could hunt in ways he previously thought impossible, by launching small projectiles at rabbits and squirrels with a simple flick of the wrist. The forest was a potent source of arcane magic. As his skills increased, he would try to explore different ways to shape the magic out of sheer curiosity of the unknown. One fateful day, he found himself at a mirror-smooth pool of water. Having recently attempted to move and shape water, he began to pour mana into the pool. Within minutes, a great beast with the body of a dragon and a single beefy arm of a man protruding from its back burst forth of the water, and an alien presence entered Tolsimir’s mind. It told him that he had just taken the first step on the road to becoming a summoner, and he would be able to call this “eidolon” any time he wished. Then just as suddenly, the dragon-man disappeared, leaving Tolsimir in stunned silence.

Every day Tolsimir summoned his eidolon, who quickly became the closest thing to a friend he ever had and helped ease the pain of his parents murder. He became more adventurous, and began exploring the forest in all directions hoping to find other places where he could summon fantastical creatures to his side. One day he came upon a small group of soldiers at the edge of the forest. Making sure to remain hidden, he overheard a conversation about swathes of demons infesting a nearby city, known as Mordheim. Excited, Tolsimir ventured forth to Mordheim, knowing this would be the perfect arena to hone his abilities as a summoner and learn more about otherworldly monsters.

Tolsimir Wolfblood

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