The Multiverse

Battle at the Worldstone
With the Messenger of Otarion dead, all that's left is to defeat the Demon Lord himself

With Otarion’s messenger dead, the Defenders of Tennaris ready themselves to fight Otarion. But before he appears, the world shakes with a quake. Urgently, Brandt contacts Sickle, the god of dragons who fights for Order to prevail over Chaos in the end times. He summons his horde of dragons, their shadowy black hides shimmering as they flock to assist. Each adventurer chooses a dragon, climbs on its back, and immediately plummets off the side of the shard into the misty, unknown centre of the world.

For a while, the only sound is the leathery flapping of wings, the rushing of cold air sweeping by. With startling abruptness, the hosts of Good break through the encircling mists to gaze upon the Worldstone of Tennaris. Supported by stone pillars and surrounded by floating rocks, it holds together the rocky shards of the world upon which many societies live. A thunderous sound crackles through the air, every dragon trembling from the force of it.
The Worldstone cracks.

Encircling the stone is a colossal serpent, its black skin seeming to draw in the light around it. Where darkness is merely the absence of light, this serpent embodied the essence of black, the whole light-depriving nature of darkness and evil. Fluttering around it were the armies of evil; hundreds of demons seeming to lay in wait. With the appearance of the Defenders on their dragons, they let out a cacophonous scream and leapt from their perches to meet their enemy.
With a great gathering of courage and a strength of will, the Defenders of Tennaris push their dragons to the front, to strike straight into the heart of the demons and sweep the serpent from its perch. The clash of dragons and demons resounds through the mist, scored through by the sound of shattering bones, tearing flesh, and feral screams.

Talyn, his glowing scimitar held aloft, drives his dragon to the forefront to seek out his foe. Otarion, leader of the demon armies, is surprisingly absent. In a flash of black and red, he appears in front of Talyn, his malevolent sword slamming through the dragon’s skull. With his fly spell active, Talyn spares a thought for his fallen ally before his face twists in a smile of expectancy and fulfillment. “Otarion! I am Talyn Aurellion, and today you die by my Black Blade, the bane of demons!”
His sword limned with frost, Talyn strikes at Otarion, his sword and body blurring. Mirror images of Talyn gather and spread, encircling Otarion in a ring of illusory and solid steel. Aurora bites deep into Otarion’s armour, the joints of the steel plates freezing and hardening, slowing the demon lord’s movement. Sensing their ally’s desperate fight, Yoren, Brandt, Aaliyah, and Duello rush to flank and bring the demon down.

Aaliyah’s glimmering sword, Moonlight joins Talyn’s in a deadly dance, while Yoren’s axe slams into Otarion’s guard. Otarion, beset on all sides, turns, parries, blocks, and ripostes with a skill born of centuries of existence. His armour shimmers with every blow, lancing out at his attackers. The deadly sword, its magical effects random and terrible, swings out to score festering, black wounds.

Brandt, taking advantage of his allies’ attacks, dives in from above with a bladed dash. He disappears from view in a gust of smoke, reappearing beside Otarion and attacking him with a lightning-quick thrust. Taetha Ifaer buries itself in the armour of the demon lord before Brandt commands it to bind. It shatters into many pieces, flickering and floating in the air. They coalesce into magical, glowing chains that stretch out into dimensional portals, wrapping around Otarion’s twisting, roaring form. He shatters the chains on his arms, but is held fast by the chains.

With fury in his gaze, Otarion turns to Talyn, piercing the illusions that he has spun about himself. He speaks then, telling of the futility of their attacks. The very force of the words cuts at Talyn, slicing away his magical protections. But the elf stands resolute, passing a hand over Aurora and imbuing it with the force of lightning. The ethereal blade crackles, arcs of energy jumping to nearby objects and Talyn himself. Each mirror does the same, surrounding Otarion with a circle of electricity.

They feint, dodge, strike, before suddenly each Talyn freezes. With a great yell, they leap forward, vanishing in their speed and seeming to pierce Otarion himself. All eight forms strike at Otarion with the lightning blade, reappearing around him mid-leap. There is a flash, a terrible peal of thunder as eight simultaneous lightning bolts crackle from the mists, Otarion at their core. His form twists and a primal scream of fury sounds out, seeming to echo as the silhouette shows the chains withstanding the force of his thrashing.

The lightning fades, leaving only Otarion. Wrapped in chains and with armour glowing cherry-red, smoke drifts from the eye slits of his helmet. He looks up and laughs, his body shaking with the force of it. The twisting core of his armour seems to open, and the Eye of Tzeentch stares out. Unblinking and with the knowledge of millennia, it strikes fear into the forces of good.

“You have no hope now!”

The Mask of Forgetfulness
With the Eye and Heart of Otarion acquired, the final piece required was the Hand

With two out of three pieces of Otarion found, the last would require significant effort and time. With the Oracle’s power at hand, the party searched for a mask, an old artifact that would allow them to summon the last companion of Otarion’s, who would have the Hand. Travelling to the cliffs on the Mordheim shard, the adventurers found some odd stories from the townspeople.

From their stories, it appeared that several large robberies had taken place throughout the town, but no injuries were reported. The victims, when asked about the robber, simply shook their heads and stated that they had no memory of the incident, even when gold was directly stolen from them. With these clues in mind, the group split up to investigate.

Almost immediately, Swimming Bird and Aaliyah reported strange blanks in their memory, where time passed without them seeming to realize it. Talyn and Brandt, continuing their investigation, encountered similar memory blanks. However, there was a sense that they had seen the mask that they were looking for, worn by a man who was simply walking the city. Talyn, suddenly desperate, reached for the case at his side where he kept the Oracle under safe lock and key.

But the Oracle was gone.

With sudden anger, he called the group together again and formulated a plan. If the man sought wealth, a trap would be laid. He cast Disguise on Swimming Bird, allowing him to appear as a rich merchant who recently arrived in the city. With the bait created, the party split into a group which would shadow him, and another which would ambush the thief in a hotel room.

However, as the plan was set into action, screams of fear sounded from various parts of town, where people were found murdered, their throats cut. Kaeross, a new member of the group, used his divine powers to discover the way the people were murdered. It was found that they were told to ask a question, or die. After the question had been asked, their throats were cut and the murderer fled.

Using the Oracle as a beacon of magic, the spellcasters of the party traced its location to an airship preparing to leave. They used flight, gold, and long jumps to board the ship and prepare to confront the thief and murderer.

Waiting an appropriate amount of time to ensure that Dimension Door could not be used, they ambushed the thief in his room, Brandt rapidly covering his face with a burlap sack to prevent the power of the Mask from affecting them. The thief pleaded with the party to leave him be, that his actions were not his own and that the mask could not be removed until his death. Aaliyah, her patience worn thin by the chase and the lack of new information, drew her sword and decapitated the thief. With his life ended, the mask detached from his face and tumbled to the ground. The mask was retrieved, but at what cost?

In anger, Brandt turned on Aaliyah, demanding that she drop her weapon and submit to his authority. He threatened her with court-martial for the murder of a potential source of information, stating that her actions were reckless and dangerous. With her magic, glowing wings, Aaliyah leapt from the ship to fly back to Mordheim, her face a mask of icy determination.

With the mask now in hand, the party summonded their airship from Lion’s Pride, setting up a room for Tolsimir’s summoning. Using the mask as a focal point, the spirit of Otarion’s companion was summoned. He demanded the mask as payment for helping the party, his mannerisms rude and cold. Talyn gave him the mask as a show of faith, trusting that the spirit would not flee with it. As he put the mask on, the spirit changed, his hair growing longer and a sigh of relief coming from his lips. With a new, calmer personality seeming to take control, the spirit described the Hand of Otarion having been stolen from him. By Nosaj.

Dealing with a ghost of the past
With Mr.Black and the apocalypse taken care of, the next task is to defeat Otarion.

The party, with the Heart of Otarion hidden away, sought to find the remaining Hand and Eye of Otarion, seeking the demon lord’s eventual destruction. With the partially used Deck of Many Things in hand, the soul of Nanfoodle No Shoe could be summoned and his aid could be asked.

He told the group about his death, about his desire for the Deck of Many Things, but mostly about how he wished Nosaj to be slain. Nosaj, a Dark Elf of mysterious origin, must be found and either killed or proven to be dead to recieve the Eye of Otarion from Nanfoodle. With the all-knowing power of the Oracle, Nanfoodle found that Nosaj had been slain long ago, his body banished to a plane between planes. This location would make the body all but irretrievable. Satisfied, Nanfoodle granted the party the Eye of Otarion, the second piece that held the key to Otarion’s apparent immortality.

A chat with a God
The party, after defeating Mr. Black, explore the ruins underneath the destroyed city.

With the defeat of Mr. Black and the end of the worldwide blizzard, the party searches through the destroyed city of Mehodellon to find any trace of the general, Leon. During their exploration, they found a group of demonic creatures guarding an entranceway underground who, upon sighting the heroes, let forth great roars and attacked them, attempting to drive them back. They were dispatched, rapidly, the party moving underground to explore.

Their brief exploration revealed tracks extending deeper underground, demonic footprints in the ancient dust. The walls are covered in stone carvings that depict the lesser races of the world: ratfolk, gnomes, halflings. Ducking under the shorter entrances, they discovered statues and carvings depicting the underground; the world under the feet of the greater races. Displaying scenes in the sewers and ruins of the world, they paint a picture of poverty and desperation.

Slowly, the group moves down a corridor, looking inside a grand arched room. Though cramped by usual standards, it would fit a very large audience of diminutive people. Flanked by two snake-like demons and two grand demonic creatures, Otarion stood. Dark swirls of magical energy flickered over his form. Where darkness is merely the absence of light, this was its opposite: an evil energy that absorbed and destroyed light itself. His shield, held on one arm, contained a vortex into another place, pulling solid objects into it.

Yoren, his dwarf blood coursing with rage and anger, drew his great dwarven axe and charged into the room. His battle cries echoed from the stone walls as he called down vengeance on the demon who slew his family. Their cover blown, the adventurers rush into combat to save their enraged dwarf.

With barely a glance, Otarion opened a portal to another plane, pushing Yoren backwards through it. He tumbled down to the dark red ground below, trapped in another plane. To save his ally, Talyn disengaged from combat with a great demon to fly down and save him. Brandt, seeing that the fight would not go well, called for a cease to the fighting. Taking advantage of the pause, Otarion pulled the crown of the Gnome King from the magical ice in which it was encased. With a glance back at the adventurers, he left through the tear in the world, taking his demons with him.

The combat resolved, Crush took the opportunity to ask Talyn once again for the Oracle. Sickle requested its use for a single question. Reluctant to give such power to a potentially dangerous god, Talyn refused without any more information. Sickle, using his power over the shadows, materialized in the dark throne room to personally request the Oracle’s use. He spoke of a great prophecy, of the unending fight between chaos and order. Fighting for the side of order, Sickle wished to find information on how to win this battle at the end of time.

Sickle explained that his fight for Tennaris revolved around this quest, one that would bring the universe under the word of order and law. The farther he would extend his influence, the more power that could be brought to bear against the powers of chaos. He promised to protect the people of Tennaris in this event, leading them to a safer world. As a token of this agreement, he drew out the Oracle’s guardian from the Oracle itself, preventing it from being revived once more to destroy all around it. With this offering and the promise of aid against the demons, Talyn accepted Sickle’s request.

Sickle, using his one question, asked the Oracle about the end times. He asked how the forces of order might defeat the powers of chaos, ensuring that the universe would remain as it were.

The oracle, responding with the voice of ages, spoke:

“The abyss must be broken, and the songs and dances of order must meet the heroes of the realms. They must become the shield to protect order and the sword to drive the storm back. They must be gathered, and they must fight, together.”

Ship Ambush
The party plans their next move in the siege of Mehodellon

The party, reunited after Talyn’s encounter with Mr. Black, plan their attack on Mehodellon to take it back from the undead menace. Their fleet remains in the air over the city, prepared to bombard key targets.

The air crackled with power as the ship suddenly bowed, dipping down towards the snowy earth below. The front of the airship cracked and snapped as a thick coating of ice suddenly coalesced out of the air. Talyn, sensing the magical attack, desperately leaped behind the central mast. The others were knocked off their feet by the magic before their limbs grew incredibly cold, freezing solid under layer after layer of ice. Encased in the ice, they could do nothing but watch around them.

Talyn raises to his feet, his hands dripping with magical fire. Mr.Black, his skeletal wings spread wide, landed heavily on the front of the ship, surrounded by sparkling shards of swirling ice. Talyn gathered his magic into his hands, his body aglow with magical flame. He calls up two orbs of searing fire in each hand, combining them into a great fireball and flinging it at his allies. The ball of flame detonates with a searing blast of heat and light, the ship charring and ice immediately vaporizing into steam.

His allies, bathed in the great heat, find the ice over their bodies to melt in great rivulets of water, flooding the deck. With weapons and arms free, they turn as one to face their great nemesis, Mr. Black.

With a battle cry, the group attacks him, charging across the charred ship to strike the undead arcanid wizard. Their attacks bite deep, overwhelming him with claw and blade. The final blow cut his body i half, unleashing a torrent of cold and negative energy on the nearby adventurers. They withstood the blast with gritted teeth and freezing armour. In triumph, they stand on the airship, looking out over the ruined city.

A great choking sound emerges from the throats of four of the party, air sucked out of their lungs. Tolsimir, Aaliyah, Brandt, and Swimming Bird found their bodies to be deprived of all air.
Those remaining managed to resist its effects, pointing at the floating figure of Mr. Black beside the ship. He laughs, his upraised hands casting the mass suffocation spell. Talyn, his eyes wide in panic as he identifies the spell, rushes to his nearby friend Tolsimir. With desperate movements, he successfully dispels the spell, forcing it from the summoner’s body. Tolsimir draws a thankful breath, raising to his feet to use his newfound breath to hasten his allies.

With Talyn rushing to dispel the suffocation spell on his allies, those who resisted the spell’s effects raised their blades to attack the flying Arcanid. Using magic or might, they leapt into the air to engage him. Crush’s draconic wings extended as he attacked his foe with a wicked scythe. Brandt’s magic propelled him to spear Mr. Black with the point of his sword.

Yorin, his stout dwarven body resisting the suffocation, turned a large ship cannon towards the melee. Timing it precisely, he set a match to the wick for the loaded cannon. The cannon firing, blasting its lethal steel shot at Mr. Black. The shot fired true, impacting the arcanid in the chest and blasting a hole through his undead, desiccated carapace. His eyes widened in shock, dust twisting out of the gaping chest wound. His wings folded before he started to plummet down to the snowy ground below, wings trailing behind him. Crush, triumphant in Mr. Black’s defeat, dove down to finish the Arcanid, using his scythe to ensure his death.

Talyn finished rescuing his partners, dispelling the choking spell on Swimming Bird before he leapt off of the ship to catch Brandt before he would fall to the ground. Upon returning him to the relative safety of the airship, Talyn stepped off the ship once again, to ensure the Mr. Black was dead and recover any useful equipment.

The body of Mr. Black lay shattered in the snow, centuries of undead re-life having rendered his body dry and brittle. On his body was Leon’s great magical glaive, associated magical items, and a note. With a single glance back at his former enemy, Talyn returned to the ship.

The note, addressed to the heroes, named them as defenders of this reality after having slain Mr. Black. His search for worthy defenders was over, and he could finally rest.

Siege Preparations
The party finds themselves in possession of a powerful Oracle as they prepare to take back Mehodellon

With the bone dragon destroyed and the Oracle firmly in their possession, the party formulated their next move. The city of Mehodellon was held by the undead armies, but their air support was greatly diminished with the destruction of the bone dragon. With superior airpower, the armies of the living prepared to attack and take back their home.

The fleets flew through the blizzard ahead of the army, scouting and preparing to bring down the gates of the city. En route, the undead black dragons attacked, sweeping men from the decks and shattering the wooden ships. With great speed, the party used their powers of flight to crush the dragon attackers, surprising them with overwhelming force. With enchanted weapons shining with the light of the sun, the shadowy black dragons were repelled, their defenses vanishing in the blinding light. One dragon was speared to the deck of one ship by Talyn’s blade, thrashing in its death throes as attention was diverted to the other dragons. Realizing their weakness before the light of the sun, the dragons retreated, allowing the fleet to continue its attack.

With scouts in place, the cannonades from the airships began. Gates were shattered and the undead hordes were thinned by the cannonballs raining from above. Talyn, his body cloaked in magical invisibility, scouted throughout the city to call down for precise attacks. Though he could not be seen, blasts of energy began to explode nearby, knocking him from the air. An old, battered Arcanid was the source of these attacks, peering into a crystal ball from the ground. His robes identified him as Mr. Black, their nemesis in the fight against the undead.

In fear and confusion, Talyn retreated from the magical barrage, returning to the ships with the knowledge that the Mr. Black was still more than capable of fighting back. After hearing the story, Brandy realized that the communication spell in Talyn’s sword, Aurora, may be an anchor for Scrying. This would allow Mr. Black to track their movements at any time. Talyn, with the help of the sword itself, dispelled this enchantment.

Now the party prepares to attack the city with their full might, searching for an end to the war which plagues the shattered world of Tennaris.

The Strike of the Bone Dragon
The adventurers find themselves attacked by an ancient dragon of bone with only a small airship at their disposal.

The adventurers, returning from destroying the ancient portal, find themselves soaring through the blizzard in their gunship. Their armour and weapons are scored and damaged from fighting raised black dragons whose breath drained them of their very life force. As the ship sailed through the clouds, a deafening roar issued from the once-proud headquarters of Lion’s Pride.

The roar was that of the bone dragon, their foe’s great weapon against the small fleet of combat-ready airships held in reserve by the armies of the living. The adventurers looked at each other in trepidation as the roars became closer, as their previous encounter with this dragon ended with their flight. They needed a plan, and they needed one fast.

Brandt, captain in the Lion’s Pride, developed a strategy using the limited resources at hand. He called for all the gunpowder in the ship, and the cannonballs that had yet to be fired. With a mighty crash, the ship slamming to a halt as if yanked back by a huge chain. The front of the ship exploded into splinters and planks as it crashed into an invisible wall of force. Before they could react, the gigantic bone dragon dove at the ship, sweeping overhead and blasting great gusts of sleet and black energy at the deck. The black energy of the breath attack drained the life force from the living, their bodies wracked by pain.

As the dragon swept around for another pass, the party retreated below decks to weather the worst of the breath attacks, preparing to abandon ship at the opportune time. The bone dragon, seeing that its breath no longer had any major affect, dove at incredible speeds straight down at the ship, roaring in rage. It crashed amidships, nearly cracking the wooden airship in two. Its jaws snapped at the party as bone claws raked at the wood. With a hope and a prayer, the group leaped from the ship, abandoning it to its fate. Talyn twisted in the air, his hands gathering energies to forma great ball of fire in his hands before hurling it at the plummeting ship.

With an almighty crash, the ship exploded into splinters, gunpowder launching cannonballs in all directions. The flames washed over the dragon, absorbed by magical shields. The cannonballs, mundane and physical, smashed through the dragon’s defenses and shattered its wings, ribcage, and skull. With a cry of agony and rage, the bone dragon lay enmeshed with the ship as it crashed to the ground, losing cohesion as splintered, shattered bones fell all around.

The adventurers, buoyed by magical flight, quickly flew to take stock of the situation, and shatter any animation that may remain in the desiccated bones. Crush, his purpose given to him by Sickle, immediately leapt forward to smash the blue orb that was the dragon’s heart. His scythe bounced off of it with no effect, cracking the magical steel from the force of the blow. After determining that the bone dragon was indeed dead, the party found themselves in control of the Oracle, an intelligence born from he beginning of time that would answer one single question from a creature to the best of its ability, but no more. They returned to their headquarters in triumph, but with the knowledge that unless they could stop it, the bone dragon would rise again.

This day just keeps getting worse

With two victories under their belt, our heroes have a tough choice to make. Cannons sound to the south as some unknown force is on the city walls, methodically destroying the city, block by block. to the North West, Leon’s general calls for a rescue from the undead hordes, but his chance of survival is slim. To the North East, the Lion’s Pride HQ is under assault by an ancient, skeletal dragon whose claws and breath are tearing it apart. The brave men of Lion’s Pride stand ready to defend their home and people from the enemy, but there may not be a home to defend for much longer.


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