The Multiverse

A chat with a God

The party, after defeating Mr. Black, explore the ruins underneath the destroyed city.

With the defeat of Mr. Black and the end of the worldwide blizzard, the party searches through the destroyed city of Mehodellon to find any trace of the general, Leon. During their exploration, they found a group of demonic creatures guarding an entranceway underground who, upon sighting the heroes, let forth great roars and attacked them, attempting to drive them back. They were dispatched, rapidly, the party moving underground to explore.

Their brief exploration revealed tracks extending deeper underground, demonic footprints in the ancient dust. The walls are covered in stone carvings that depict the lesser races of the world: ratfolk, gnomes, halflings. Ducking under the shorter entrances, they discovered statues and carvings depicting the underground; the world under the feet of the greater races. Displaying scenes in the sewers and ruins of the world, they paint a picture of poverty and desperation.

Slowly, the group moves down a corridor, looking inside a grand arched room. Though cramped by usual standards, it would fit a very large audience of diminutive people. Flanked by two snake-like demons and two grand demonic creatures, Otarion stood. Dark swirls of magical energy flickered over his form. Where darkness is merely the absence of light, this was its opposite: an evil energy that absorbed and destroyed light itself. His shield, held on one arm, contained a vortex into another place, pulling solid objects into it.

Yoren, his dwarf blood coursing with rage and anger, drew his great dwarven axe and charged into the room. His battle cries echoed from the stone walls as he called down vengeance on the demon who slew his family. Their cover blown, the adventurers rush into combat to save their enraged dwarf.

With barely a glance, Otarion opened a portal to another plane, pushing Yoren backwards through it. He tumbled down to the dark red ground below, trapped in another plane. To save his ally, Talyn disengaged from combat with a great demon to fly down and save him. Brandt, seeing that the fight would not go well, called for a cease to the fighting. Taking advantage of the pause, Otarion pulled the crown of the Gnome King from the magical ice in which it was encased. With a glance back at the adventurers, he left through the tear in the world, taking his demons with him.

The combat resolved, Crush took the opportunity to ask Talyn once again for the Oracle. Sickle requested its use for a single question. Reluctant to give such power to a potentially dangerous god, Talyn refused without any more information. Sickle, using his power over the shadows, materialized in the dark throne room to personally request the Oracle’s use. He spoke of a great prophecy, of the unending fight between chaos and order. Fighting for the side of order, Sickle wished to find information on how to win this battle at the end of time.

Sickle explained that his fight for Tennaris revolved around this quest, one that would bring the universe under the word of order and law. The farther he would extend his influence, the more power that could be brought to bear against the powers of chaos. He promised to protect the people of Tennaris in this event, leading them to a safer world. As a token of this agreement, he drew out the Oracle’s guardian from the Oracle itself, preventing it from being revived once more to destroy all around it. With this offering and the promise of aid against the demons, Talyn accepted Sickle’s request.

Sickle, using his one question, asked the Oracle about the end times. He asked how the forces of order might defeat the powers of chaos, ensuring that the universe would remain as it were.

The oracle, responding with the voice of ages, spoke:

“The abyss must be broken, and the songs and dances of order must meet the heroes of the realms. They must become the shield to protect order and the sword to drive the storm back. They must be gathered, and they must fight, together.”



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