The Multiverse

Dealing with a ghost of the past

With Mr.Black and the apocalypse taken care of, the next task is to defeat Otarion.

The party, with the Heart of Otarion hidden away, sought to find the remaining Hand and Eye of Otarion, seeking the demon lord’s eventual destruction. With the partially used Deck of Many Things in hand, the soul of Nanfoodle No Shoe could be summoned and his aid could be asked.

He told the group about his death, about his desire for the Deck of Many Things, but mostly about how he wished Nosaj to be slain. Nosaj, a Dark Elf of mysterious origin, must be found and either killed or proven to be dead to recieve the Eye of Otarion from Nanfoodle. With the all-knowing power of the Oracle, Nanfoodle found that Nosaj had been slain long ago, his body banished to a plane between planes. This location would make the body all but irretrievable. Satisfied, Nanfoodle granted the party the Eye of Otarion, the second piece that held the key to Otarion’s apparent immortality.



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