The Multiverse

The Mask of Forgetfulness

With the Eye and Heart of Otarion acquired, the final piece required was the Hand

With two out of three pieces of Otarion found, the last would require significant effort and time. With the Oracle’s power at hand, the party searched for a mask, an old artifact that would allow them to summon the last companion of Otarion’s, who would have the Hand. Travelling to the cliffs on the Mordheim shard, the adventurers found some odd stories from the townspeople.

From their stories, it appeared that several large robberies had taken place throughout the town, but no injuries were reported. The victims, when asked about the robber, simply shook their heads and stated that they had no memory of the incident, even when gold was directly stolen from them. With these clues in mind, the group split up to investigate.

Almost immediately, Swimming Bird and Aaliyah reported strange blanks in their memory, where time passed without them seeming to realize it. Talyn and Brandt, continuing their investigation, encountered similar memory blanks. However, there was a sense that they had seen the mask that they were looking for, worn by a man who was simply walking the city. Talyn, suddenly desperate, reached for the case at his side where he kept the Oracle under safe lock and key.

But the Oracle was gone.

With sudden anger, he called the group together again and formulated a plan. If the man sought wealth, a trap would be laid. He cast Disguise on Swimming Bird, allowing him to appear as a rich merchant who recently arrived in the city. With the bait created, the party split into a group which would shadow him, and another which would ambush the thief in a hotel room.

However, as the plan was set into action, screams of fear sounded from various parts of town, where people were found murdered, their throats cut. Kaeross, a new member of the group, used his divine powers to discover the way the people were murdered. It was found that they were told to ask a question, or die. After the question had been asked, their throats were cut and the murderer fled.

Using the Oracle as a beacon of magic, the spellcasters of the party traced its location to an airship preparing to leave. They used flight, gold, and long jumps to board the ship and prepare to confront the thief and murderer.

Waiting an appropriate amount of time to ensure that Dimension Door could not be used, they ambushed the thief in his room, Brandt rapidly covering his face with a burlap sack to prevent the power of the Mask from affecting them. The thief pleaded with the party to leave him be, that his actions were not his own and that the mask could not be removed until his death. Aaliyah, her patience worn thin by the chase and the lack of new information, drew her sword and decapitated the thief. With his life ended, the mask detached from his face and tumbled to the ground. The mask was retrieved, but at what cost?

In anger, Brandt turned on Aaliyah, demanding that she drop her weapon and submit to his authority. He threatened her with court-martial for the murder of a potential source of information, stating that her actions were reckless and dangerous. With her magic, glowing wings, Aaliyah leapt from the ship to fly back to Mordheim, her face a mask of icy determination.

With the mask now in hand, the party summonded their airship from Lion’s Pride, setting up a room for Tolsimir’s summoning. Using the mask as a focal point, the spirit of Otarion’s companion was summoned. He demanded the mask as payment for helping the party, his mannerisms rude and cold. Talyn gave him the mask as a show of faith, trusting that the spirit would not flee with it. As he put the mask on, the spirit changed, his hair growing longer and a sigh of relief coming from his lips. With a new, calmer personality seeming to take control, the spirit described the Hand of Otarion having been stolen from him. By Nosaj.



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