A world literally shattered to pieces. A guardian of this world, Sundra Celistine returned from her travels in the great Multiverse to see her world so corrupted by evil and darkness that her fury and despair knew no match. Her guardian, The Destroyer saw this and, to exact vengeance against those who would hurt her, used his power to break the planet. Celistine cleansed the shattered world with fire, fleeing with the Destroyer to other realms. This cataclysmic event became known as The Shattering.

The other Gods, seeing this destruction, created a spell to seal off their world from other realities. Several gods lost their lives in the process, through sacrifice, or perhaps an underestimation of the power required. What little life was left slowly regenerated itself, despite most of the world being in ruins.

Over time, theseal protecting the world has been pierced by some unknown force, allowing travelers from other worlds to come into the world, hundreds of years after the shattering. The source of this immense power is a mystery that has yet to be solved. It is rumored that a man named Tristan Zohiemer was the first to enter the world after the shattering, though his motives are unclear. Others have come through, including the dragon god of another reality, Sickle and the Arcanid, an ancient race returning to their home world. Our current band of heroes, ferried here from Alpha Imperium were the most recent entry to the realm, working to piece together what has befallen this world.

Currently the dragon god Sickle is trying to spread his plants and literally grow his followers, while the arcanid try to impede his progress. The demonic legions of both law and chaos both bide their time in the darkness, gathering strength, and waiting for the perfect moment. An ancient evil has also returned and has begun work on its own grand design which has yet to be truly understood.

Rocks, the shards of the world left large enough to sustain life.

The Wasteland


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